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Reineta is a young and growing business. This June we turned one year old. The beginning was not easy at all. A few months after opening, we had to face the whole new pandemic reality. While these unprecedented circumstances were (and still are!) confusing for each and every individual, this was even more challenging for a newly born local enterprise.

But we were lucky! Reineta is located in the heart of Ealing, where the community respects and nourishes new businesses. During the Corona times, we were able to stay open by selling fruits and vegetables and offering coffees and Spanish specialties. This was only possible thanks to the support and loyalty of our returning customers.

Reineta would have never turned one year old if it was not for you! Thank you Ealing community for giving us an opportunity to share our story with you:

In the faraway land of Spain, in a small city called Salamanca lives Jose Morales, the father of Miguel Morales (founder of Reineta). Jose is a trueborn cook. He has a natural talent for creating authentic and delicious recipes out of original flavours of the ingredients he uses. Since Miguel was a little boy his father has been going to the local market every day to pick out fresh products for each part of the carefully thought-out menu of the day.

The table was set for 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon and the time never changed. On the days that Miguel or his sister were running late, they raced home from school to make sure they don’t miss the daily feast (or otherwise faced the risk of staying hungry the rest of the day). This tradition, although disciplinary in nature, developed a sense of respect in Miguel for the art of creating and enjoying food. Today, Jose keeps refining his homemade recipes and keeps inspiring Miguel to develop the variety of Reineta’s menu.

Rooted in his childhood, Miguel’s passion for gastronomy kept growing. He spent over 10 years working in the food and hospitality industry learning the ins and outs of the culinary world.

In 2019, a moment came when Miguel felt ready to share his personal kitchen philosophy, and it really resonated with one of Reineta’s suppliers - Pedro Cubino, who joined half a year later.

Today’s diversity of Reineta’s menu is the hard work and daily accomplishments of Pedro. Although he is undoubtedly great in his role as a supplier/distributor, his soul has never left the kitchen, where he used to help his mom in a family owned restaurant from an early age.

Our team has been growing since. Now everyone who works at Reineta adds to our goal: to share and spread the beautiful, authentic, healthy Spanish food and transform each dining experience into a precious memory.

The whole Reineta’s team’s appreciation of quality in everything that relates to food defines Reineta. That is the reason why a big part of Reineta’s mission today is to incorporate these aspects of organic and healthy into our everyday eating routines, instead of continuing to perceive it as rare and luxurious occasions.

"The food is amazing. The fruits and vegetables are fresh and locally sourced. The staff are extremely friendly and the owner is very kind. Small family owned restaurant and cafe. The smoothies and drinks are delicious and the bites are exquisite. Highly recommend this lovely place to everyone! Lovely to support local small businesses rather than big corporates."
"This is such a wonderful Spanish restaurant in Ealing Broadway. It’s family run, the owners are delightful, very professional but a lovely familiar welcome that makes you feel right at home. You must try the menu or at least pop in and grab a bottle of their organic wine to take away. We loved our valentine day meal (the suckling pig was heaven) and would really recommend an evening at Reineta for anyone in the area."
"This place is the hidden gem of West London!! The food is so fresh and well made. We had a few sharing plates, every dish was amazing! The cakes are to die for! And they have a lovely selection of fresh organic produce to take home!! Oh and how could I forget the wine list!! Had the best organic red wine - my new favourite!"
Stan and the team really are a welcoming and super bunch. This place is great for a taste of Spain and also its juices (the detox is magnifique). They have something for breakfast, lunch and dinner!    You can also buy deli snacks and meats and wines for your own home experience here and the staff will help you with expert advice.
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