Our food and products

Our menu introduces seasonal, natural and, when possible, locally sourced products. Nothing is static and our menu always changes adopting to the selection of fruits and vegetables offered by the uniqueness of each season.

Spanish tapas, creamy soups, fresh salads and sandwiches - all of it you can easily recreate at home by using our products offered in store.

Our Wine, Cheese and Charcuterie

There are many things in the Spanish culture that we enjoy, but the taste of traditional cheese paired with a carefully selected wine is an experience we cannot just keep to ourselves. The wines are cultivated in different regions of Spain and can also be complimented by original varieties of jamon and other cured meats.

You can create your own charcuterie board, choose a bottle of wine, sit back and relax to the sounds of live music on our special nights. We also offer wine tasting events where we learn about the wines, their viticulture and history.

And...Coffee and Cakes

Our coffee is supplied by 80 Stone Coffee Roasters, independent roasters who promote traceability and follow a policy of social responsibility and sustainable practices. Their coffee is simply delicious and that’s what we hear from our customers every day. ​

Our signature Almond Cake from Hedone Bakery  does not leave impartial even those who are indifferent to cakes. Freshly baked pastries are also delivered from Fleure De Lis by Michelle  every morning. Gluten free options are always available

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